Being skeptical may lead to suspend any activity of discovery, taking away the magic of spontaneity and the creative verve… not everything has got evidence…

Please help with your input…


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5 thoughts on “Consideration”

  1. True, not everything leaves evidence, not everything is easy to explain with logic!
    Often the essential is invisible to our eyes (#quote). I am not a writer, I live in the corporate world of IT every day, but I always keep a few moments during the day where I let my thoughts go and wonder in different dimensions away from software programming and numbers.
    I love your “Parallel lives” concept!

  2. I like to think that there is a place where logic stops and other things start like medicine and health issues for instance. Clinical studies can only go so far before explanations become vague or useless.

    As a reader (not a writer), that’s what makes it interesting and keeps you reading, keeps you curious..

    Sometimes when you walk into a corridor, into a room, or drive down a street for the first time you sometimes (not often) get that unexplainable sensation called many things which is definitely NOT logical!

  3. Hi Clarissa, Hi Jim,

    Thank you both for your comments. I am so glad to share my safe web space with you.

    Let’s share more!

  4. I agree that great skepticism can block us from discovering. In fact often it represents great fear OF discovering. But I also find that without some gatekeeper (call it skepticism or caution or just common sense), I’ve seen so many people just glom onto any new thing that comes along, because they’re so desperate to have something to believe in. How about believing in ourselves and in our ability to discover in a discerning way? As a very spiritual person and an atheist (yes, those two can live in the same heart/mind/body), I believe in paying attention, in synchronicity, and in the connection among all of us. I don’t believe I need a guru or a god/dess to appreciate the wonders of the world. So I get that “skeptic” label sometimes. It’s a fine balance, isn’t it!

    By the way, I got to this from LInkEds and Writers, and my mother’s maiden name is Mercurio! Her father and his family came to Ohio from Sicily (Termini Imerese). Any relation?

  5. Thank you very much Joannah!
    Grateful you passed by and thank you for your words. I visited your site and believe me, the last adjective people should use to describe you or label you is “skeptic”. In your peaceful and helpful web pages I found spiritual communion and love!

    This is exactly the point I wanted to make. A few days ago, a friend of a friend, was asking me about my poetry book(out Fall 2009), how and when it all happened, writing I mean… I do not have a logic explanation about the poems I write, they are impulsive pictures in words that flow through the pages of my deepest emotions, frames of a moment! She was insisting and she had never read one either…
    She was being “skeptic” adding herself the reasons why of my writing… this is skepticism to me! She was not paying attention to me as a person, she did not want a connection, she just needed her own “logic” reasons!

    Lucio Mercurio was my father, a wonderful man, my best friend! His family was from Calabria but had moved to Napoli before he was born. Coincidence is he married my mother who is Sicilian from Catania but her last name is different.

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