In the storm…


In the storm 

By LauraLME  ©

I shall cry, silent like a blanket,
for you, my Joy, not to see my tears.
I shall sing melodies of hope,
for you, not to hear the lament
of my soul, echoing prayers of peace.

I will hold you,
shivering without tremors,
for you, to feel my strength and not my fears.
I will caress your hair,
blowing wind of serenity,
burying my torment in expanses of flowers.

I shall see with your eyes of wonder,
share the mysteries of life,
coloring with dreams the darkness of my secret pain.
I will stand fierce and solid
for you, not to see my weakness…

I will give you blue skies and hidden rainbows,
rocking the clouds to sleep.
Your little hands I’ll kiss
with light lips of tenderness,
to ease the heavy weight of our shadows.

I will keep you from falling
in my deep endless precipice,
protecting you from the storm
of the cold black night of my being,
where you are my only light,
my saviour, my Guardian Angel
blessing reason of my existence.


Published by: lauralme

@LauraLME founder of @VersesInMotion Digital Transformation Professional, Author, poet, spoken word recording artist (#PoeticBeatz) ~ Emerging Technologies/Augmented Reality Media Writer @VIMMedia @DigitalDotWorld Creator/writer/producer/co-host of VIM radio show

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5 thoughts on “In the storm…”

  1. Laura, your words move me. You have defined what it means to be a good mother, giving of herself for the safety, hopes and dreams of her child.

    These are words that live:

    cry, silent like a blanket…
    sing melodies of hope…
    feel my strength and not my fears…

    “I will give you blue skies and hidden rainbows,
    rocking the clouds to sleep.
    Your little hands I shall kiss
    with light lips of tenderness,
    to ease the heavy weight of our shadows”

    I could have taken the entire piece and enfolded it into this frame and devoured every word. I celebrate your joy with you.

    Thank you for writing from your heart

  2. To illustrate the power of your words, please compare your writing with the words I carry like a burden…a perspective your son is blessed to be guarded from. I never knew my father or mother so mine is filled with questions and wondering…your poem is what every child would long for.

    i once wondered if you kissed me
    when i was small

    the taste of butterscotch on your lips
    where a smile rested until you had to go away

    did you study my eyes, though closed,
    for some day when your heart would ache for a memory?

    or brush the hair from my face
    so you could sketch my likeness of you onto your heart?

    i dreamed of the touch of your fingers on my skin
    wet from tears born from the belly of a life that was unfair

    i hoped that someday i would feel the warmth of your hug
    though i knew you would only watch me from afar

    dreams are a wonderful salve for the wounds of yesterday
    and in their midst i can hear you in ways you never knew

  3. even though i wanted children more than anything i could imagine, there was this deep reluctance to bring innocent lives into my deep insatiable emptiness. i didn’t want to use them just for my own needs.
    the race was on. i needed to heal my wounds faster than they could ask what the meaning of life was. would i be prepared to give the right answers? with my staunch refusal to lie to them, i would need an answer i had earned.
    as i knew deception in my childhood, they would detect mine if i resorted to that. in order for them not to be cheated by getting a damaged mother, the repair had to commence.
    how was i to know that their presence was all the grace i ever needed to be whole again?
    thank you for this poem.

  4. THANK YOU a million times for your comment!!!!
    You just described the backstage of my feelings just before I wrote that poem and the ones I felt for many years before I became a mother… I am so glad I find you through this invisible wire of communication…

  5. Your words are love and light, strength and shield, comfort and warmth for your son. Your poem is a force, as are you. I love your poems, and you. xo

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