“Dancing” my “other” passion!

“Dancing” by Laura Mercurio Ebohon
© Copyright 2009
(part of my poetry book out Fall 2009)

I dance and fire is burning inside
Flames like blades
I dance and I breathe
The scent of jasmine in the air
And springtime breeze
I dance and notes play my soul
Waves that smell of sea
I dance and feel light
A hesitant leaf touching the ground
I dance and it’s raining outside
Flames are dampened
Fire put out


One thought on ““Dancing” my “other” passion!”

  1. a wonderful expression of the freedom felt in the passion of dancing, life, living. i see a sadness in the ending, the flames of passion dampened and the fire extinquished…but the important thing is this: you DANCED and experienced every emotion in doing so.

    the beauty of your poetry is that i may come back and read it in four hours and see an entirely different version…when i read from the last line to the top i envision a story of creation…okay, i will stop now and say just this…i love it. thank you.

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