For Papà

con Papà Napoli Christmas 2001

2 years tomorrow, since my best friend, my father ….
Thank you for being the best Papà a girl could ever dream of!
I love you.

By Laura Mercurio Ebohon
© Copyright 2009

I remember your smile,
In limpid summer mornings,
Calm sea and gentle breeze.
I remember your hand,
Solid and strong,
Making coffee
Singing sun and love.
I feel your embrace
warm and safe.
Your voice whispering soft words.
They slide into my heart filling my days,
Wetting my eyes of bitter water.
Sweet the thought of you,
Walking, holding her hand tight.
Your soulmate, your whole life with her!
That same life of kisses and gifts,
Flowers and surprises
And long trips towards your sea.
Every moment, every instant,
You gave!
Without reservations or conditions.
Boundless times, the memories of you!
You are always with me,
Besides my pain,
Flowing in my veins,
Blowing in my breath,
Wind of immense Love!


Published by: lauralme

@LauraLME founder of @VersesInMotion Digital Transformation Professional, Author, poet, spoken word recording artist (#PoeticBeatz) ~ Emerging Technologies/Augmented Reality Media Writer @VIMMedia @DigitalDotWorld Creator/writer/producer/co-host of VIM radio show

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6 thoughts on “For Papà”

  1. Sometimes, I feel, a comment, however positively meant, does nothing but spoil the effect of the post/piece/work because what has been written is so complete and altogether perfect. So, I was thinking I won’t comment.. but, then, I thought that feedback is always good.. therefore: ❤

  2. I don’t even know your name to say: “Thank you”, but I ‘ll say it anyway… Thank you because you read my mind and understood,
    thank you because in those few words you wrote, I felt love and comfort to my pain,
    thank you because you stopped by and actually took time to read through the lines
    thank you for adding proof material to my theory: spiritual and virtual meetings of souls are as important as long and close friendships, actually the level of mutual understanding and recognition is definitely HIGHER. Therefore ❤ to you too.

  3. Ciao Laura!
    Complimenti per tutto, ma in particolare per il tuo bellissimo papà che, anche se non c’è più, è sempre vicino a te…siete bellissimi insieme! Ti voglio bene!

  4. Laura, these words with that wonderful photo say it all. Your dad must be very proud of you and so should you! I will continue to follow your blog and enjoy every bit of it.

  5. E’ emozionante rivedere il Sig. Mercurio…era davvero una bella persona e sono contenta di averlo conosciuto e di aver condiviso con lui e con tutta la tua famiglia uno splendido capodanno.
    Baci, Carol

  6. I am moved by this poem. It evokes my own memories of my father, making coffee, walking along the bay, his voice and smile. Such a personal poem, and yet so universal the emotions it brings up. Thank you.

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