“The magnitude of small things…”

I have been feeling on the edge of a nervous breakdown since last April.
For many reasons of various nature, I found myself, thinking about how big the small things in life can become.
It’s like a phenomenon of expansion, sudden and irreversible.
How many times have we woken up with a sense of immense emptiness?
Feeling inadequate and sad, thinking about the reasons why:
What happened last night, what did bother me yesterday?
No apparent strong reason comes up to our mind…. BUT then a flash, the picture in our mind of a small thing that we could have never suspected, would disturb us this much… A look that made us feel unwelcome, a kind word said with a bad tone, forgetting to call someone who had been promised a phone call, a caress we did not give our loved one because of a stupid discussion or the excuse we told one of our “not very close friends”, when they asked for a little favor… Or that nervous sequence of words said to someone hurting their feelings…
We wake up one day and we start complaining about anything… And anyone!
Well, as the Genius Michael Jackson would sing:

I’m Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I’m Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

Yes I strongly believe that a good start is always checking ourselves out, look in that mirror and see through the excuses, the lack of time, the long hours at work, see through the fear of being terrorized by ourselves, looking at things, small things that we do not notice because we are too busy analyzing other people’s flaws!
When we realize that the change starts from ourselves, that’s when we have started making that change for real!
I am no expert, teacher o psychologist, I write what I know and I certainly know that feeling, I am looking in that mirror now and I see the magnitude of “my” small things to start with… (so much) work in progress!

Please share your vision of the “Magnitude of small things”…


4 thoughts on ““The magnitude of small things…””

  1. I’ve come to see that all things are small things. The mind inflates everything – especially itself – into huge menaces. I use my mind to write, but the writing comes from someplace else – someplace vast and still and timeless and safe, free of big and small, right and wrong, good and bad. A place that just is. And is enough.

  2. Thank you, I always find your comments thought provoking and I love a bit of thinking over interesting stuff!
    True, Judy, writing comes from our safe and timeless place…
    But when we interact with others, when we are not writing, we are people and we have to see more than our own safe and sound world! Sharing is necessary to the growth (work in progress) of any individual… At the end of the day I realize that mind inflates things but I also know that my heart sees the invisible “small things” and they are essential to my writing too (details… are key to my verses)

  3. All that matters is the small things. Here is a thought – kind of morbid, but just think about it – you cannot take money, cars, jewerly, a big house, or an inground pool when you pass away.
    BUT what you can take are the memories, feelings, and thoughts – and hopefully, you can leave something behind for everyone else to enjoy.
    That is the purpose of life – it’s the meaning and what we all should care about.

    And to me – I find it amazing that I live in the US and you live in Italy and we chat. . . but I find it more amazing that a small seed can turn into a tomatoe. . .

  4. Thank you for your comment Jim.
    It is even more amazing that we manage to keep this invisible wire of communication so strong! I am so glad I started this blog, it is another “small thing” that gives me the immense joy of interacting with people without limits of distance in any sense!

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