First Interview, looking inside…

safe_image.php “If I look inside” Book Cover

Jim Wisneski is a young and talented writer/poet/musician!
He lives in Pennsylvania (USA), he writes novels, novellas, and short stories, he just finished a novel and is now working on two more!
He writes 1 poem a day everyday and posts it on one of his blogs and he writes music!

Check him out
If anyone wants to hear his music, it is at

Just a few days ago I had the honor to be interviewed by him.
The interview was posted on his blog

“Laura Mercurio Ebohon took time out her busy schedule to talk to me for a little while. She has a poetry book coming out soon – has a great blog – and all around is a great person to know.
For those of you who know Laura know what I’m talking about.
For those of you that don’t – you will know her very soon”.

“Her words speak truth – I’ve had the chance get a sneak peek at some of the work in the book and I can tell you that it is amazing. Her ability to reach out across the world has proved worth while as the cover of her book was painted by Kristina Laurendi Havens”.

“She also came up with a concept that I believe is beautiful. Living in Italy – and working with Italian publisher Gruppo Albatros Il filo – the poems will be in Italian. BUT for her English audience like myself (I swear Laura, I’m trying to learn some Italian!) she has also translated the works into English. When I heard this, I thought it was a good idea – but it gets bigger than that. Both translations will be in the book, next to each other. Now that to me is beautiful. I simply cannot wait to read a piece of her work such as “Love Monologue” and then see it in Italian and pick out words and phrases and become encompassed by not just the words, but the style, meaning, and purpose which goes beyond countries and languages”.

Here is our interview:

What is the title of your poetry book?
The book’ s title is “Se guardo dentro” in Italian and “If I look inside” in English.

What inspired the title?
My Parallel lives: I have always lived within two dimensions, two parallel lives (everyday anxiety and spiritual promenade)… in the middle of these two paths, I often felt inadequate and out of reach. With time, I learned that they can flow together as long as my heart stays connected with my mind and as far as my soul will search for the “light”. I cannot really tell you the what or the how but I am sure that you will see in some of my verses the intricate maze of my journey and you will recognize the when and the why I felt my inner spiritual journey had to be explored even more to finally find the communion between mind, body and my troubled soul looking for peace. I believe that everybody has got the power to look inside and see what every day life hides with time consuming, although necessary activities, events, worries…

When is it to be released?
October 2009

Will it be in Italian or English?
Poems are included in the book and e-book both in Italian and English. The 2 versions are written by myself and both originally written, meaning that what I did was to think of the same poem in both languages, transposing the inspiration to both languages, more than translated they are transposed and they were all born differently, some of them firstly written in Italian and some of them written in English first.

Check out Laura’s publisher:
Gruppo Albatros Il filo and

AND please check out Kristina Laurendi Havens – her work is simply amazing:

Laura Eno said…
Thank you for the interview, Jim and Laura! I can’t wait for your book to come out!
September 2, 2009

krystyna81 said…
Thank you for this wonderful interview…Laura and I connected via the web, and it feels like our paths were always meant to cross. It is truly an honor to know her, and to know that my work connected with her. It is one of the highest compliments an artist can recieve. Thank you for the sharing my art.
September 2, 2009


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