Mosaic, a vision of Love.

By LauraLME

A vortex of stars
was sent our way,
a tumult of passions,
ran us over,
colliding with our dreams.
We became sand,
soaked by the ocean
carried away in unknown waters,
lost on a hostile land.
Unrecognizable eyes,
laid siege to us,
prisoners in our own cage.
Planning our escape,
from the ropes of ferocious events,
we followed our hearts,
looking inside the maze of our souls,
we found our way back to the light,
we won the darkness,
we stood in the breach.
In the brevity of an instant,
we were born again,
perfect plugs of our mosaic.


6 thoughts on “Mosaic, a vision of Love.”

    1. Thank you for defining the essence of those verses better than i could ever do myself! Grateful, really grateful

  1. In the breach of a beach
    in the brevity of a perfect birth.

    Lovely to read aloud, especially

    ropes of ferocious

    Ha! Say it!

    ropes of ferocious
    ropes of ferocious


    we found
    we won
    we stood

    climbing ropes of ferocious hopes!

    your words flowing with morning coffee
    oh a double buzz.
    gratitude for this poem.

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