Calm waters …

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Calm waters
By LauraLME ©
Lake of tranquil clear vibes
grey rippling little waves
going nowhere
moving back and forward
around in circles
she lies in cold waters
No Direction No fear
Slowly swimming against the draft
The water flowing through her arms
floating… at times resting
wandering through that thick fog
Her heart is taken
she walks the way of pain
she runs the path of heart beats
she jumps on stairs of illusions
like the layers of her soul
deeply caught in that net
of deep emotions and sudden jolts
wrapped up in a mantle of maybes
Soothing calm outside
but if she looks inside
the wind gets stronger
and she starts turning
until dizziness takes over
Gravity wins
against any law…
She should have seen the warnings
before falling back again
in the light of a new truth
in the mist of new mornings


2 thoughts on “Calm waters …”

  1. One of the most beautiful, if not THE most beautiful, poems I’ve ever read. The emotion in this shines through so well.

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