“If I look inside”

Look inside the book

Something more about my book…
A passage from the Editor’s preface.

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If I look inside, like the title suggests, is a collection of poems, written in a very intimate dimension: they are filled with words caressing the pages like a dancing vortex of sensations, emotions that emerge from the memory, uprooted from any metrical conditioning, free from any rhetorical oppression. In this magic space drawn by the poetic word, reality does not loom over, it lives in a parallel dimension.

Pain has no name
No time or space.
It creeps, penetrates, slips inside.

[ … ]


Sometimes pain becomes extreme sensibility, which the author describes as a trouble more than a gift: it makes us “feel” endlessly and it does not allow us to build up the “Precious jewel-case of indifference, unassailable fortress, necessary weapon” (Indifference) It would be so much easier if sometimes we could just shelter behind that “Indifference” and not “feel” too much anymore.

I was not born to live
But to feel
Listening to pain
like it was music,
Melody that stays within.


(Invisible World)

Laura Mercurio Ebohon’s poetry has also a very strong evocative component: a place, a far away sound or a small object, apparently not important, suddenly enter the visual camp and take the mind towards other shores never forgotten. It could be a bench, an old garden, a birthday card or a photograph, every object has the effect of dipping the soul into that thoughtfulness of being sad called melancholy.
The author closes this collection with an extremely hermetic sequence of lyrics: after going through a painful journey, through memories and lost affections, Laura looks “Beyond” life searching for the ultimate sense of her suffering, a universal sign of redemption:


Beyond life, I live,
I hear You singing.
Your embrace supports us
Your spirit guides us.


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@LauraLME founder of @VersesInMotion Digital Transformation Professional, Author, poet, spoken word recording artist (#PoeticBeatz) ~ Emerging Technologies/Augmented Reality Media Writer @VIMMedia @DigitalDotWorld Creator/writer/producer/co-host of VIM radio show http://lauralme.me www.facebook.com/versesinmotion

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2 thoughts on ““If I look inside””

  1. Laura… Those few verses I read are so clear and wonderful… I am looking forward to receiving your book (ordered 7 copies for my Christmas gifts!!!) Can’t wait to read all your poems… Much love and respect! A.

  2. Hey !!!! But where were you hiding so much talent??? I am going to receive my copies of your book very soon …. Very happy for you my friend!!! 😉

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