Some comments & Reviews

Take a look inside the book

“Laura Mercurio is a poet of talent and originality. Her new Italian/English publication ‘Se guardo dentro’ – ‘If I look inside’ is written with an emotional abandon, breadth of personal experience, and genuineness one seldom encounters in a ‘newly published’ poet. Between the most ephemeral lines is a rock-hard knowledge of both the joy and pain of life lived wholeheartedly. Ms. Mercurio writes with the brakes off, navigating skillfully between the domestic, the emphemeral and the profound. Quite a ride! Someone to watch.”

Barbara Bridges , President and CEO , Stealth Pilot Productions
Wordsmith, Editor, Writer’s Block Plumber, Publicist

Your amazing talent is well represented on your book “ If I look Inside ”

Feelings , emotions , sensations , endless love , magic , and so much more is all we can feel reading your wonderful book of poetry.

Thank you for being you.
Keep writing your soul!
Luis Do Amaral
Musician, Artist
Music , Art, Management

It’s always a big thrill for me to see a new poetry book out, and this time it is special, since I have come to respect your single-minded vision and poetic work ethic. Bask in the sun of this moment, and remember to stay true to your vision.
Semaphore, Samuel Peralta

A poet with a voice, soul and rhythm. New book out (in both Italian and English) glad to have found you!
A Crockett
Writer & Researcher

One of the best poets of our time…
Deanna Schrayer – Writer
Laura Eno – Writer

A gifted soul that shares ,the soul who knows no hate ,the soul that spreads love ,the soul that takes away sadness and replaces with verses ,the generous soul with the creative mind and fountains of wisdom,may your words continue to enlightn us ..
roos..peace is always the word ..

Your poetry is especially inspirational, diverse, lyrical, beautiful, fulfilling and yet stimulating a craving for more. Wonderful


Published by: lauralme

@LauraLME founder of @VersesInMotion Digital Transformation Professional, Author, poet, spoken word recording artist (#PoeticBeatz) ~ Emerging Technologies/Augmented Reality Media Writer @VIMMedia @DigitalDotWorld Creator/writer/producer/co-host of VIM radio show

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One thought on “Some comments & Reviews”

  1. Laura,
    The readers of poetry in this world are truly blessed to have you in it. I thank you for your support, encouragement, critique, and most of all friendship. You help us all to aspire to a higher level of quality and pride in our craft and I am blessed to have you as a friend.
    Those of you who wish to commune as one with the world as it is while reaching to new heights, please do yourself a favor and take the time to see and feel it through her eyes.
    Peace and Blessings.

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