Poetry & Art Project


“Contortion” Art by Kristina Laurendi Havens

by LauraLME
Copyright 2009

You left a long time ago
Without going anywhere
Still breathing my air,
still sharing my space,
You built up a convenient wall
of hard bricks and cemented lies,
You wrapped me up in a blanket of sorrow…
Lying down, through dark days

And  tormented hours

I followed hopes and dreams

I got nowhere
I rolled myself up
In a contortion of nerves and muscles
I waited for you to come back!
But you had left without going,
There you were, standing on the other side,
Staring at me from the back of that wall
Empty cavities
Looking at curves and shadows of us
I thought we were invincible,
But I lost…
And loosing I gained anxiety,
I felt the failure,
Like a leaf that cannot find the ground
Floating on toxic air,
Belongs to nothing!
I stretched my ideas
I reached the visions of my soul
And I saw you still there
But Unreal and solid…
You had never left without going
You were still holding me
I was your everything
You were my Joy.


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