My Book Cover “Guarded” by Kristina Laurendi Havens

“Guarded” Painting by Kristina Laurendi Havens

Verses by LauraLME
Copyright 2009
All rights reserved

You think you can win
spreading your rage all around me!
See … My love is stronger than your hate
Higher than your bullets
You want to kill my dreams
turning them into nightmares
But Faith is NOT pain
You throw heavy words
like swords and I laugh, crying,
My skin is harder,
You won’t cause wounds
If I get hurt I will bleed inside
And you will never see the truth
You will be standing there
looking and feeling right,
I’ll be marching like a soldier
My heart as a shield
Intercepting attacks
with an open soul,
Covering the scars with my hands
meeting my soul in prayers
where we were once ONE,
in complete harmony,
when Love was Peace!
a time so far away …
lost in tears and screams!
You will never see the truth,
through the thin crack of your eyes,
and the thick walls of scorn
only the endless wire of accusations
will penetrate and invade your brain
made of hard pieces of iron
banging against the soft walls of my heart…
And now look at me!
I’ll stay still, on standby,
Until your next attack to my weakened fortress.

Article by Kristina Laurendi Havens … A Story of Twitter Success


6 thoughts on “My Book Cover “Guarded” by Kristina Laurendi Havens”

  1. So powersul…I will have to read it again and again to fully absorb all you have written.

    I am truly honored that you are inspired by my work. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Laura,
    Great piece here – never underestimate the power of a an exclaimation point. . . the first sentence opens calm, cool – okay, we are reading something. . . then the second line – BAM! When look at it, the word “rage” and the “!” stand out which creates this entire piece of work.
    The entire work takes off from there – but that one line got my heart beating, my eyes opened, and my mind reading faster and faster.
    Once again, you words are perfect – they create imagery – bullets, dreams, nightmare, faith, pain, NOT. . . PERFECT.
    And the line “But faith is NOT pain” goes so deep, it would take me all day to explain!
    And I love the ending. . . after all this powerful emotion is poured out, it ends as if the person understands their destiny and calms down (just like the first line) and accepts it.

    When does your book come out???? Give me that publishers phone number – I’ll call them up – and tell them, GET THIS BOOK OUT!!!!!! 🙂

    Jim Wisneski

  3. Once again my friend, you have found the words that compliment the words that compliment the words that are your verse.

    this is a different side of you (at least that i have seen) and it stretches your artistic abilities to boundries not before discovered.

    As you know i like to hand your well-chosen words back to you so again i will do that with but a few.

    “My love is stronger than your hate” is a poem within itself as you are able to measure the height and depth of human emotion in so few words! you amaze me.

    Covering the scars with my hands
    meeting my soul in prayers…”

    As with the cover you have chosen for your book these words communicate so well what Kristina has done in art and her art reflects what you have done with words. Both are beautiful. Your chosen words also expose the nature of the battle…scars covered with hands (physical) and the meeting of your soul in prayers (spiritual)…

    “…made of hard pieces of iron
    banging against the soft walls of my heart
    And now I stay still, on standby,
    Until your next attack to my weakened fortress.”

    so well done! you reveal so much of yourself when you express “the soft walls of my heart” and show that in spite of the existing conflict you are still unfazed, strong and forgiving and a loving, tender person.

    the final words:
    Until your next attack to my weakened fortress.”

    once again reveal your keen awareness that the battle is not over and yet you are prepared to stand, guarded, yet strong. in the quiet of the moment.

    i once wrote this about the true nature of the battle and how sometimes the pursuer can end up unintentionally helping the one he pursued by removing the fortress and cleaning up the mess…thus leaving the way clear for reconciliation…if he cares enough to read the book (effort is required).


    he built a fortress with his hands
    then climbed behind its walls,
    and shouted to those in command
    “you better run before it falls!”

    he played alone amongst the stones
    of false security,
    and when the fortress tumbled down
    the people came to see.

    they chopped the wood
    and rolled the stones
    that formed a bundled mess

    and when they got the fortress cleared
    they stared in real distress.

    for there they found no body
    stretched beneath the rubbish heap,
    but only a book that told of fools
    who cleared a man’s debris.

    so with that i will wish you the best. hope i don’t write too much about your work but it so inspires me that i tend to get a bit wordy.


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