≈ Descend ≈

These  Verses in Motion are part of this week special project on Soft Whispers with writer -poet Jim Bronyaur who is also creator and editor of SW … We both wrote verses starting from the same word & its opposite…


By LauraLME ©


curved words

falling down

on this white desert,

like little drops of hope

taking shape in clouds of smoke.


bending acts

extending downwards

laying on this black valley,

landslides of events

sweeping life away.


heart tremors,

sliding down

the mountainside of our soul,

precipitation of feelings

descending impacts!

read Jim’s poem ≈> “Descend”


2 thoughts on “≈ Descend ≈”

  1. Descending to reach a safer place, the mountainside of our soul… upon impact, check yourself for new meanings. Your poem is gripping and lovely. Ty xo

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