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REGINA SAYS : ≈ “If I look inside is a brilliant book that has taken me into an emotional  journey making me feel a deep connection on each verse that was so beautifully put together and used to describe the authors feelings.

Laura is a very talented author with so much depth making her mind & soul very interesting and intriguing to explore.

I can’t wait to read some more of her sensational material, she’ll certainly leave her trace forever among humanity with her fantastic writing.

Laura my beloved friend you are a treasure to the modern literature & I’m so glad to have had the immense honour to have our paths linked via destiny or any other divine power.”  ≈

( Regina Aislin ≈ click here to read her blog, click here to join her FB page , click here to follow her on Twitter )

JACK SAYS : ≈ “I am a dedicated fan and admirer of Laura Mercurio Ebohon, as a person and as a poet.

Her Italian-English Collection of poetry , “Se guardo dentro – If I Look Inside”,  is without a doubt my favorite recent read. Her verses are crisp and clear and the emotion comes spilling off the page. Well crafted, and razor sharp,  it resonates in any language as a broad spectrum reminder of what it means to be human.

When reading it, as I have done several times now, I find myself traveling my own roads of memory and life, reliving the happy, sad, young, old, the love gained – and lost.  I am reminded that we are all not so different in the way we experience and feel life, but it takes a truly gifted poet like Laura to remind us.” ≈

( Jack Varnell aka The Emotional Orphan ≈ click here to visit his website , click here to join his FB page click here to follow him on Twitter )

JENNY SAYS : ≈ “Laura’s poems are about love; that great emotion that grips our lives, that teaches, that pushes us around, from beginning to end.

Love Monologue

From one who loves peace, Laura’s soothing, universal words rise up to touch our senses; to guide those left behind.


A haunting description, a tale of despair, meant as yearning for release.


This poem finds an escape to the familiar, to conscious bearings. The sea is a constant source of wonder, to know what is possible.

Life That Breaks

I’m drawn to this poem in understanding, trust breaks, not by misdeed, perhaps, but in this case, by a twist and snap of finality.

A Bench

Words shared, a setting, a time, a moment repeated, after. Words released in a cathartic effort to bend time.


Music holds us like lovers, I’ve said many times. Laura sings this here, melodically in her salubrious way with words.” ≈

(Jennyablue ≈ click here to visit her blog click here to follow her on Twitter )

More from Jenny: “As I read along to Laura’s poetry book, If I Look Inside Verses in Motion, I was inspired to write this poem…”

“For Laura LME”  by Jennyablue

I went to the beach

to read your poetry

with my back to you

east facing west

to know more time

will come to us

I want to hold

my hand

so happy at the beach

beautiful strangers

children remind me

of childhood. mine

my days at the beach

The water smells sweet

I opened a beer

thought of Ruth Gordon

random conversations


a microscopic spider

fell or blew onto me

soon, gently obliterated

I didn’t mean to

I held your book

I felt your pages

and your words

rose up to greet me

with heart-shaped sounds

and meaning


Published by: lauralme

@LauraLME founder of @VersesInMotion Digital Transformation Professional, Author, poet, spoken word recording artist (#PoeticBeatz) ~ Emerging Technologies/Augmented Reality Media Writer @VIMMedia @DigitalDotWorld Creator/writer/producer/co-host of VIM radio show

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