≈ Reflections ≈


Photo by Simone Capriotti ©

Cliccate qui per la versione italiana di “Riflessi” ©


By LauraLME ©

Sudden light

hits the retina of drowsy eyes,

pushing against the darkness of our hearts,

invading blind alleys and hidden bends,

lost in the echoes of useless words

screamed in silence.

Suspended on the wires of time,

between the reflections on this muddy water

of sickening days and scattered hopes,

the thin images of our souls

drenched with rain and tears

compressed by memories.

Little waves of sculptured smiles,

those of a pale, premature moon

looking at us

while we walk…

And yet we are still!


like shadows sticking up to the heart.

We wander through wild paths

of grudges and regrets

dancing in a virtual circle

of tired words

leading us to the border

with dream and illusion…

Our dream!

Where we once lost ourselves

following photometric lights

on arches bright of colors

and soft of clouds.

Standing still now, we look at that water

ruffled by wind and shadows

without frames without colors,

as we are now:


only reflections!



13 thoughts on “≈ Reflections ≈”

  1. Thank You ALL so much…
    More comments about this poem:

    Adriana Marbonar: Great! You have such a wonderful way with words Laura…

    Poetry Tom Woodside Awesome! you are a great poet. i thank you for sharing, not only this poem, but all that you have shared.

    Cass Ferre: Love it, Love it Love it!!!
    Laura you are an inspirational woman that possess a beautiful Spirit… I Wish you all the success you deserve 🙂

    Ariaa Jaeger: Wow! How beautiful Laura, just like your gorgeous heart and soul! Thank you so much for sharing! Love & HUGS!

    Andrew Juma: Purely top notch composed expressions Laura! Every line here glows a deep enticing bliss of understanding.
    It’s an absolute exhilarating one!! 🙂

    Dasia Mare: Masterpiece!

    Fiorenza Mella: Reflections of our reflections…You managed to reach a beautiful combination of words and their intrinsic connotations and analogies. The final suggestion is quite pregnant and lives you suspended ..looking for which reflection to look for or to embody..Bellissima 🙂

    Indigo B. Cantor: Lovely as ALWAYS!

    Andrea Osbourne: Ooooh, Laura so sad, but also so true to what life is. Lovely. xxx

  2. I love the flow of your words Laura. They are so smooth. They remind me of my poems but only better. So refined and soft.

    Thank you so much for sharing them!

    1. Thank You So much for reading my words… And I have to disagree on something: what comes out from our heart and soul is not meant to be better or worse, I love the rhythm in your poems, I love the way you and only you, as the writer who experienced those emotions, are able to make me feel every single one of them in a way that makes them mine too, universal feeling of sharing words and situations without limits of space or time… You are wonderfully unique and not comparable! Much love and gratitude for your beautiful comments!!!

  3. dear laura,

    maybe this is what we see when we are so pre-occupied with ourselves-the problems at the moment which are affecting us. your poem has demonstrated the danger and the pitfall of making oneself in a cage of hate, pain and suffering. i have seen the value of freedom and going past behind our own selves to see our true light. the real beings that we once were. great poem here.

  4. elegant word flow.
    love your style…

    you have got talent here, welcome to attend poets rally week 35, where you share your poetry and make new poetic friends…poetry awards are assigned upon completion.

    let me know when you are ready.
    Merry Christmas…
    keep writing…

  5. This is the poetry I aspire to write ~ simply beautiful and flowing. ‘We wander through wild paths of grudges and regrets’ ~ oh yes, through those pathless woods… : ))

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