≈ Explosion ≈

It was  a crash!
unexpected collision.
It sounded like thunder,
it smelled like storm,
it played like strong beats,
it looked like shreds of flesh
drops of blood
floating rags,
in the wind of unknown lands
blowing against far away skies.
My earthly refuge was invaded
my heavenly home was attacked
my path was crossed
Then the explosion…
Red flames and yellow screams
grey clouds black smoke
Roads and buildings became dust
Like sand of deserts
running through my hands.
Silence took over
Quiet like hope.
Still like patience.
White mantle
of the inevitable sound of never…


16 thoughts on “≈ Explosion ≈”

  1. Wow, I’m taken there, not knowing where reality ends or begins and I need not care, in the moment. I love, love, love your poems. xoxo Thank you for sharing them with me.

  2. Laura, as usual your words take me on a journey, and I willingly ride along…Well done, well crafted and thanks so much for sharing these with the world…

  3. @Jenny TY ! You already know… no border between reality & fiction, no limits, immense possibility, explosion… Peace, Love & Light…

    @Jack TY … words always save me & yours just did! Peace, Love & Light…

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