Just before dawn

The painting “Just before dawn” is by Tina Steele Lindsey

I was admiring its tenderness, the delicate mood and the strong message of the light colors, when it suddenly became words…

“Just before dawn”
By LauraLME

These hours
are constant needles
piercing through
thin paper walls.
Just before dawn
Standing still
for the sunshine
to come through
thick clouds
smoky words
heavy moods
wrapped up
in this warm mantle
of light rays
closed eyes to push back tears
and visions
seeing even deeper
details and shadings
screaming truth
tracing time
loosing space
taking life
to a new dimension
of shining ideas
like falling stars
in this tender blue sky
no borders no limits
only shadows
in slow motion
pouring glitters of joy ~



5 thoughts on “Just before dawn”

  1. Beautiful, as always. I especially like the beginning

    “These hours
    are constant needles
    piercing through
    thin paper walls.”

    So much depth in that.

  2. Thank you Laura, for this gracious gift.
    I appreciate so much your kindness and goodness to honor one of my art pieces (and thusly me) with living words. You have touched me deeply in a very personal way, and I will always treasure this poem and its creator for the joy it has brought to my life. May every possible blessing find you the rest of your days. My very best in all things. Tina

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