≈ Love Monologue ≈


My Poem ≈ Love Monologue ≈

is now…

Verses in Motion ≈ Video Poetry in Music

#Music-Vocals  > Cass Ferre |

#Photography > Jonahh Oestereich|

#Video Production > Jack Varnell |

#Poetry  > LauraLME |



Published by: lauralme

@LauraLME founder of @VersesInMotion Digital Transformation Professional, Author, poet, spoken word recording artist (#PoeticBeatz) ~ Emerging Technologies/Augmented Reality Media Writer @VIMMedia @DigitalDotWorld Creator/writer/producer/co-host of VIM radio show http://lauralme.me www.facebook.com/versesinmotion

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15 thoughts on “≈ Love Monologue ≈”

  1. If I could say in words how proud I am of your achievements Laura, every time you surprise me with something new and completely amazing! My compliments to all YOU GREAT ARTISTS involved and thank you for making my dear Laura happy, she deserves the best, she is wonderful!!!

  2. Incredibly dreamy & beautiful!!! Everything is sophisticated & catchy at the same time… Wonderful piece of collaboration 6 so much talent in 6 minutes of pure artistic expressions, LOVE IT

  3. You handle poetry with a new kind of essence Laura. It’s a beauty that is indescribable.

    Looking forward to more

    Love from the Moon

    P.S. Glad you shared with One Shot

  4. Thank You All so much, this project is very close to my heart…
    As it is the result of a dream collaboration with other fantastic Artists/Friends (Regina, Jonahh and Jack) who worked together through this incredible invisible wire of communication, called internet…

  5. Thank You All so much for your comments… Feeling truly blessed by your words…

    More comments about Love Monologue

    Xiane Sierocka-Stock:
    Fabulous project! Wonderful how poetry, music and photo art work come together. You, Reginaand Jonahh are a congenial team of creative souls. Thank you for the share!

    Laura Lme:
    Thank You Xiane ♥ !!! Regina with her Music & Vocals, Jonahh with his photos & Jack Varnell aka The Emotional Orphan with the video production really & truly gave life to my words, feeling blessed by the love we all share f…See More

    Xiane Sierocka-Stock:
    You are very welcome! Sorry that I did not mention Jack Varnell! I am deeply impressed and excited by your work and the inspiration you give to each other – and to us! Keep up! xoxo

    Laura Lme:
    Oh Xiane you are so kind… Thank you! Truly grateful for your appreciation of our project and for your support… 🙂 as I am sure Regina, Jonahh and Jack feel the same way, so lucky to have the chance to share our inspiration with wonderful friends like you! xoxo

    Poetry Tom Woodside:
    Wow! that was well done, very well done. Your words are like a dream and the video production enhanced that. Loved the music choice and Jack did a great job w/ the video production. Congrats to you all! by the way, thank you for sharing.

    Gesinè LeFay :
    OMG… this is amazing dear laura! thank you very very much!!! ♥

    Laura Lme:
    Many thanks to you Gesinè & Thank you ALL for watching/listening ♥ Love & Peace!

    Jodi MacArthur:
    Laura, the words are simply amazing. Poetry at its most beautiful and sensuous

    Laura Lme:
    Jodi… Thank you so much! I wrote those verses inspired by LOVE itself, consuming, everlasting, deeply and inexplicable, at times impossible, endless kind of LOVE…

  6. MORE COMMENTS here below… Thank you to ALL my FB friends and amazing fellow Artists who took the time to view and comment, Peace & Blessings LME

    Ruth Johnston I love this .. I will re post on Twitter xx
    July 23 at 10:09am ·

    Adriana Marbonar There is something truly magical about this piece, words, music and images are so well blended, they create a beautiful flow of feelings and emotions. I saw the comments on Vimeo and Soundcloud, well done!
    July 23 at 10:20am · Like · 5 people

    Sean Taylor This video is the proof of your Artist Statement with Verses in Motion, always liked that it was a project with artists from all over the world, congrats on over 300 views on Vimeo
    July 23 at 10:32am · Like · 3 people

    Patty Mercurio Il video è bellissimo, versi, musica, immagini creano un’atmosfera fantastica!
    July 23 at 10:40am · Like · 3 people

    Niamh Clune Beautiful…Love the images, poetry, music…Brilliant!
    July 23 at 10:51am · Like · 2 people

    Clarissa Lacroix This is pure poetry in all its forms, you all artists involved created something beautiful and timeless
    July 23 at 12:42pm · Like · 1 person

    Dasia Mare Wait! Here is mine: I feel the waves of your Verses in motion in this video and that feeling becomes perfection with Music Images and Video production, you all did an amazing job, well done to you Laura, Cass, Jonahh and Jack
    July 23 at 5:53pm · Like

    David Stormy Leonard Love the beat…Beautiful images…Great voice…Sensous message
    July 23 at 5:54pm · Like · 1 person

    Adriana Marbonar Just Played your video at our party Laura, they all love it and say hi, wish you were here tonight!
    Sunday at 1:14am · Unlike · 2 people

    Laura Lme OH thank you so much A. So glad you all liked the video, wish I was there too… Soon, very soon xoxo
    Sunday at 5:01pm · Like · 1 person

    Adriana Marbonar You are welcome! Love how you always move around the web with sophisticated elegance, generosity and awareness, thank you Laura Lme
    Sunday at 5:37pm · Like · 2 people

    Niamh Clune P.S. Can I share your video with others?
    Sunday at 5:48pm · Like
    Laura Lme Sure you can, thank you!
    Sunday at 5:55pm via Facebook Mobile · Like

    Niamh Clune Have tweeted, facebooked on groups and wall and will post on my other sites…really love it, Laura
    Sunday at 6:05pm · Unlike · 1 person

    Fiorenza Mella A nice example of sharing poetry and its intrinsec beauty 🙂

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