A b s o l u t e ≈ g r a v i t y


“Attempting retrograde motion, opposite directions 
Closing up “reference frames” and memories 
still or always in motion, 
you bring me back to you…”



Click Here to watch the trailer of  ≈ A b s o l u t e °°° G r a v i t y ≈ ©


≈ A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y ≈  #Album Out 5th DEC 2011 On Ultrasonic Music Germany 


Including PoeticBeatz New Single “Absolute Gravity”  #Music by Tom Cloverfield #Poetry and Vocals by Laura≈LME 


Including also #VersesInMotion Poems: Dreams, Life, Whispers, Changing, Tears, Moments #music by Cass Ferre #poetry by Laura LME


“… Trying to hide,


perfectly aligned like a full moon


in a crispy night of total eclipse,


jumping in dark craters of distractions,




everything brings me back to you…


Fragile distance, timeless space. “








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