#VersesInMotion #Poetry meets #Ultrasonic #HouseMusic Germany 

≈ SyrahDeep ≈ #Music by Tom Cloverfield #Ultrasonic Productions Germany  ≈

≈ Just Before Dawn ≈ #Poem & Vocals by Laura LME ©

These hours
are constant needles 
piercing through 
thin paper walls.

Just Before Dawn
Time runs with me 
In the maze of hours and minutes 
on silver lines of seconds 

Just before dawn 
Standing still,
waiting for the sunshine
to come through 
thick clouds 
smoky words 
heavy moods 

Wrapped up in this warm mantle
of light rays 
closed eyes to push back visions 
but seeing even deeper 

Details and shadings
screaming truth
tracing time 
loosing space
taking life
to a new dimension

Just before dawn 
Time runs with me 
under a new moon 
full and round 
like these big circles of fire
on the sand of an hourglass

Shining ideas 
like falling stars 
in this tender blue sky
no borders no limits

Only shadows 
in slow motion 
pouring glitters of joy

Just Before Dawn
Time runs with me 
following my heart 
in perfect waves 
crashing against the walls 
of my restless day

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