There is a place…

Photo by Anna Simi © All Rights Reserved 

There is a place… 

By LauraLME © 

There is a place

Where we meet,

walking slowly towards each other,

A place where…

We have already been,

In a different time and space  

With the same beats,

like blades,

cutting the soul in ribbons.


We talk without words,

We see without looking,

We feel touches of snow 

and rain drops on our faces.

In that silent castle,

through clouds of words 

and brushes of light, 

our hearts make a sound.

Our souls meet 

in  a rainbow arch, 

sliding on diamond ice,

dancing on calm waters.

There is a place where…

We run through hot streets of fire, 

taking us to crossroads of danger.

A place where…

Dust and wind play

following each other 

between deep ravines

and fresh waterfalls!




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