Photo “Colors” by Anna Simi © All Rights Reserved 

Colors – poem and photo included in Verses In Motion  EBook Out Now On  >> Kindle << 


LauraLME ©

My name is Pain

my color is orange 

veins of flowing fluid,

deep slopes of sharpness

in the cavities of time

pressing against your organs,

extracting bitter tears,

contracting your heart.

My name is Hope

my color is yellow

wires of metallic nets,

needles of faith,

spread around you

like thin rays of thunder

conducting electricity,

empowering your mind.

My name is Love 

my color is red 

vivid drops of tender ruby

poured over your skin,

showers of ink and paint,

dominated by shadows

in the light of antic flames

burning your heart,

caressing your soul.

My name is Strength

my color is LOVE 

shades of acceptance,

bright nuances of  light,

depth of belief,

brushes of inspiration,

dipped in beauty

painting the canvas of life!


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