SoundWaves 08/14 DJ RICKY MD

SoundWaves by  Verses In Motion  on  GetYourz Radio   With Eric EDubb  Every Tuesday 9 PM EST
PRIVATE POOL PARTY MIX on SoundWaves 08/14 9PM EST on GetYourz Radio
CELEBRATING DJ RICKY MD joining our core group of artists at Verses In Motion and GetYourz Radio !!!
DjRickyMD Dj / Producer / Remixer from Montreal, Canada
DjRickyMD is first a devotee of music!
Since the age of 14, he has been mixing  at private parties. At the age of 16  his music career starts getting deeper into deejaying and producing.
DjRickyMD’s mixes:  the Club mix, House Super Party mix, Afterhour Mix and many more …
His style is filled with many vibes from the classic house tunes to the newest progressive house sounds.
– Dance, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away into another world! –
DjRickyMD and is very proud to be part of the team Verses In Motion and GetYourz Radio! 

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