Special SoundWaves: MellowDramatiC

SoundWaves by Verses In Motion  on  GetYourz Radio   With Eric EDubb  Every Tuesday 9 PM EST 

This Tuesday 08/21  a very special edition of SoundWaves: Playing the latest Album by MellowDramatiC 

About MellowDramatiC: MC Rapper Lyricist Radio Host       

Mellow DramatiC’s  intelligent lyricism and driving, repetitive delivery captures and doesn’t let go. His unique flow places him within the top echelons of rap along side some of our notable lyricists.  Mellow Dramatic who’s real name is Kevin Rivers was born in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in South Carolina. Mellow is an Artist that is dedicated to his craft and chooses to stay true to his sound and not follow the mainstream opinion of what is IN today.

First album: “Closed Caption-State of Mind” – Mix Cd: “Live Reality Rap” –

New Album out now:  “CalligRAPhy Art”  

– Co-Host of “Mecca Muzik” on GetYourz Radio

All about Mellow: ReverbNation  – Twitter – Facebook  – Mellow on GetYourz World Radio 


Published by: lauralme

@LauraLME founder of @VersesInMotion Digital Transformation Professional, Author, poet, spoken word recording artist (#PoeticBeatz) ~ Emerging Technologies/Augmented Reality Media Writer @VIMMedia @DigitalDotWorld Creator/writer/producer/co-host of VIM radio show http://lauralme.me www.facebook.com/versesinmotion

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