One Lovely Blog Award: My Thanks And The Nominees

It is with immense joy and great honour, that I share with you all, the wonderful news about my nomination for the

“One Lovely Blog Award”   

Gratitude ≈waves≈ to   Michele D’Acosta amazing media professional, writer, poet, photographer, blogger and peace activist collaborating with “The Peace Project”, for nominating my blog! I would also like to extend my sincerest thanks to Lisa Schultz, founder of “The Whole” and of “The Peace Project”, for introducing me to Michele!

Before listing the rules to apply, in order to accept the nomination and keep the award rolling, I would like to thank Michele in a special way, by sharing with you a bit more than just her blog link, so please take a few minutes to meet this very talented #WorldsFABGirl!!!

About Michele:

“Michele D’Acosta is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her aim is to produce documentary films as a catalyst for positive social change. Michele is a past winner of the Columbine Award; an annual award given to a filmmaker whose work promotes peace and non-violent conflict resolution…”

Click here to >> Read more about Michele D’Acosta  

“The Rules” are:

If you are one of the nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award you must do the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to them in your post.
  • Share seven unknown things about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers and blogs you like or admire… 15 or so if possible (see below my list…)
  • Contact the bloggers you nominate to let them know and to link them back to your post so they can read “The Rules,” too.

The second “rule” demands that you share seven unknown things about yourself… This is my list:

1) I can’t watch horror movies, I get so scared and I totally freeze in a block of fear…

2) I dislike anything milky or cheesy, spreadable like butter and mayonnaise, I even eat my pizza without mozzarella!

3) I own a tenor saxophone and I try to play it sometimes…

4) I LOVE dancing and I studied ballet, contemporary, tip tap and jazz dance for many years…

5) If I see a mouse, rat or even a bat, I totally freak out and then I eventually faint and if I don’t, I run as fast as I can… LOL

6) I love swimming and staying in the water for hours, playing like a child… (Ask my 8 year old son, he’s the one telling me: “Mamma, it’s time to get out… Your hands are spongy!”)

7) I love cooking for family and friends: Italian, African, English and French food recipes, mixing traditional flavours with new ideas and influences.

And now… The Nominees for the “One Lovely Blog Award” are: 

K.N.O.W. Foundation 


J.J. Brown 



Roxie’s Blog 

Karen S. Elliott 


The Student Wordsmith 

Bucket List Publications 

Maggie Mae 

Kristina Laurendi Havens 

Frank Mundo 


Rich Weatherly 

Written Words Never Die 


5 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award: My Thanks And The Nominees”

  1. These are wonderful new connections, thank you for sharing them with us Laura. It is an honor to be in this group and be nominated here, I appreciate it! Your blog is always an inspiration for me and a place I return to again and again for verses that are always in motion.

  2. Wow Laura thank you for the honor of both interviewing me (one year ago) and nominating me. I appreciate your desire to promote the work of other artists

  3. Laura, what can I say? Thank you — you’re amazing — you made my day! It was such a great pleasure to nominate you and THANK YOU so much for raising awareness of the work I’m involved in. We have only known each other for a short time but, already, you feel like a lifelong friend. And we have so many things in common… on your list of seven things you’ve shared about yourself I said “me too” to 1, 2, 4 and 6 and there’s some similarity with 3,5, and 7. I love cooking Indian food and mixing traditional flavours with new ideas and influences. I play the didgeridoo, and you will never find me in a zoo! Have a most beautiful day and thank you again and again. So exciting…

  4. Laura, I am honored more than I can say. When I consider the other bloggers you’ve included in this list, I am humbled. I’ll reblog this soon with my answers and respond to your questions.
    Thank you!

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