SoundWaves 09.18 w/ @RoaringCubes

SoundWaves by Verses In Motion on GetYourz Radio   

Hosted by Eric EDubb  Every Tuesday at 9PM EST Featuring DJs  from All over the World!!! 

Tomorrow 09.18 at 9PM EST: “Vinylism Mix” By @RoaringCubes 

  Herr Oppermann (Roaring Cubes / WE-LOVE-HOUSE.FM)

Grown up with the sound of the ’80s, he discovered early a penchant for electronic music, where artists and bands like Jan Hammer or Kraftwerk were among the companions. With his passion for house, electronic sounds and mixing he had gigs at various clubs in Germany – for example, the „Sonne Mond und Sterne“ Festival (DJ Contest), the Juicy Beats Festival, and a residency at the club “Electroosho” or the famous „Warehouse“ in Colgone. In the late 90 ́s he worked as the organizer and moderator for radio show “Kingz of Beat” out of the legendary Stammheim Club building. After a break in Zurich to 2010 he continues his work now under the name „Herr Oppermann“ as a DJ and Producer, and also as the host of the radio show „CUBED!“ on WE-LOVE-HOUSE.FM. His style is “very varied, but always House” and varies between deep and minimal up to soulful house. He combines classic parts of house music with the influence of actual minimal house elements. More then 20 Years of experience, his passion for electronic music and his motto „house is a feeling“ led his sets to be a special event – always changing and never the same.

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