Photo by Anna Simi All Rights Reserved. 


(Verses In Motion by LauraLME – All Rights Reserved) 

 Fighting pain

winning space

in that eternal moment:


When all stands still

endlessly fixed

on the walls of time.

 Punching air

losing hope

in circles of revelations

when all around is turning,

spinning fast

in everlasting spirals.

 Holding the course of destiny

stretching events like elastic bands

changing shape,

moulding life.

Distracted Sunrise,

running on bouncing pavements.

Contracted afternoons

going on unpredictable journeys.

Still evenings,

shiny frames

falling into dark tunnels.



limits of soul places

heart prophecies

broken promises

fake dreams.

And here they come again,

moon beams,

tender rays of light,

pushing darkness

feeding strength.


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