Special SoundWaves DJ Physical Ed

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SPECIAL SOUNDWAVES by ~ VersesInMotion ~ 

`LISTEN‘  to Soul Sound MIX by DJ Physical Ed  ON GetYourzRadio !!! 

Welcome To VIM And GYR, DJ Physical Ed! 

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In 1994, it wasn’t long before Ed’s passion for the club scene in Brighton soon extended onto the hollowed wheels of steel and 6months on, Ed, Andy Marsh and Col Fish had queues of revellers lining up every Friday and Saturday to get into the then brand new Bar Coast in Croydon which was to become the launch pad for Ed’s djing career.

For the first decade of his career, Ed floated between his favourite genre of soulful house and a tougher style of house music that was required for a lot of the large underground destination venues he was playing at the time.

During this time held long running residencies at The Cross, Love II Lounge, Space, Hanover Grand, Velvet Underground to name just a small number. Guest slots were far and wide from London Clubs such as The Ministry of Sound and Pacha, to Lithuania, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland and of course Ibiza.

ed dj smiling

In 1994, Ed also embarked on a 6 years residency in Leicester Square’s Sound Nightclub where for the first time he diversified into more urban dance music. A change he found refreshing as he happily embraces all styles of dance music both old and new.

It is this love of all things dance related, coupled with his vast experience that led in 1993 to Ed being asked to Lecture in djing at the Vestax Academy at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey. Ed here not only taught beginners the art of djing but also taught master classes, helping established djs become even better.

It’s probably because Ed has worn so many djing hats that he now does what he does so well. Not contained by the parameters of any one genre of dance music, Ed can now play an eclectic but highly charged set regardless of genre that is going to have the maximum effect on the dance floor, and for some reason, Ed always knows exactly what to play next.

“A long time ago I said my objective was to get everyone up dancing, and if someone stopped, or sat down, I’d failed in some small way. I don’t think anything’s changed.”


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