Verses In Motion Digital ~ Poetry ~



Drifting into sleep

finding soul cords

and vibrations,

looking inside the maze of my heart

where beats connect to breathing

following the path of never


Resting my mind

from this anxious time


through the highs of skies

and the lows of dusty lands

Jumping on clouds

pouring rain drops

and heavy thoughts

on muddy puddles

of memories


Fragile dreams


on shining trails of stardust

places, faces

slow motion

sequence of impossible events

Timeless parade

of pacing words and frames

walking through nights of fire

and stormy days of wonder

in a soft bubble of hopes and fears,

“where the invisible becomes essential.”



– Verses In Motion is a book with a contemporary poetic style, melting musical vibes, breathtaking images and inspirational universal messages.

The poems in this book are the reflected image of the author’s soul, the representation of her inner parallel life. Poetry, becomes here, more than writing or reading, it is the essence of our “being human”, a condition, not only a form of artistic expression, but a way to share heart and soul, a flow of inspirational waves, words, sounds, emotions, memories, it’s instinctive and universal, it’s about colors and nuances of life events.

Dedicated to all Peaceful Warriors, these verses in motion, will take you to a wonderful soul journey… “Where the invisible becomes essential.” –

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Photography by Anna Simi – All Rights Reserved – 

Verses In Motion By Laura LME ©  – All Rights Reserved – 

Read some of the  >> REVIEWS << 


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