Photo By Anna Simi © All Rights Reserved 


#VersesInMotion © By LauraLME  on Kindle   and  iTunes 

Every tear falls with a different rhythm

Beats and vibes of its own,

Melodies follow,

Playing in my head

Dancing with my soul.

Every tear has its own reason

Mysterious lanes and empty roads

It draws wet lines

It makes me half blind

Drying up in its own time.

Every tear has a destination

Through valleys and mountains

In a journey of wonders

Caressing the face,

Finding its way to the heart.

Every tear has a name

Nostalgic Memories,

Joy, Sorrow,

Unconditional love.

Unbearable pain to follow!

All tears we find in Prayers,

Unchaining words,

Creating inner spaces…

Locking up eyes and soul

Wetting our lives with pure drops of sky.

#VersesInMotion © By LauraLME 


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