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Today Special ~ VIM Digital Feature ~ 

Author J.J. Brown 

brindle for kindle


The new fiction book publication Brindle 24 from author J.J.Brown shines a brutal light on the heavy toll of fracking.

Brown’s book was inspired by current news and focuses on the human story throughout the last day in the life of a small town, Brindle, after fracking. A nuclear family lives in intimate harmony with the land. Their world is torn apart by effects of fracking, hydraulic fracturing, beneath their ancestral home.

This is the story of some of Brindle’s families—Beth Smith and her parents, the orphan twins Mark and Matt, Adrian Berger and his scientist father, and Officer Joe—over the course of one day. The fates of the families will haunt the reader, as fracking continues to expand across the globe. The author says, ~ “The fracking controversy building around the globe is peaking now where I live in New York. Writing Brindle 24, I was inspired by the brave people who shared their experiences about the impact of gas drilling on their lives. They are farmers, singers, poets, filmmakers, physicians and scientists who exercised their freedom of expression.”~

J.J.Brown, a genetics PhD and a mother, researched news and medical sources extensively for Brindle 24. She brings a scientist’s experience to realistic fiction with broad appeal. Brown’s novel Brindle 24 is available now in ebook editions and in print at online booksellers everywhere.

About J.J.Brown

J.J.Brown is from the Catskill Mountains and has worked in New York City for two decades as a scientist, author, educator and publisher. The author studied writing with South African poet Dennis Brutus and genetics with Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock.

J.J.Brown previously published novels “American Dream”, and “Vector a Modern Love Story”, a short story collection “Death and the Dream” and book of poetry “Natural Supernatural Love”. She is published in leading science journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Hepatology, Genetics, and Primary Care Companion for Central Nervous System Disorders, among others.

Available at:

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