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HermitPhoto By Anna Simi © All Rights Reserved 

PoeticBeatz present: ~ End-Less ~ 

Poem by LauraLME  © All Rights Reserved 

Music by Tom Cloverfield © All Rights Reserved 

Excerpt from: End-Less  (poem also included in Verses In Motion EBook)

By Laura LME  ©

Curtains drop shut on this stage,
without the anticipation of a closing scene,
no hints, no premonitions…

A simple termination of all biological functions,
no words, no gestures

Definitive extinction of breaths and hopes,
destruction of plans
left to blow in the wind of never.

Looking from the other side of consciousness
through holes in the wall of time
everything seems so small,
light, transparent.

Tears are dry,
hands are cold,
Unknown voices all around
whispering secrets
no wish, no desire,
no Saviour, no sin…

Immense space of nothing
only flashbacks of padded images and colors
without memory
wandering through dreams and reality.

It all seems so far away,
existence and essence,
ideas and abstractions.


Trying to reach those fields of colors,
getting caught by a lightning,
finding you,
entering the walls of your heart
where death dies again
it dissolves in the endless spirals of your embrace.

Cover Photograph “Lightness” by Anna Simi © 2011 All Rights Reserved.

Cover graphics by Laura Lme VIM Media © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

     – Verses In Motion is a book with a contemporary poetic style, melting musical vibes, breathtaking images and inspirational universal messages.

The poems in this book are the reflected image of the author’s soul, the representation of her inner parallel life. Poetry, becomes here, more than writing or reading, it is the essence of our “being human”, a condition, not only a form of artistic expression, but a way to share heart and soul, a flow of inspirational waves, words, sounds, emotions, memories, it’s instinctive and universal, it’s about colors and nuances of life events.

Dedicated to all Peaceful Warriors, these verses in motion, will take you to a wonderful soul journey… “Where the invisible becomes essential.” –

Verses In Motion EBook Out Now On  >> Kindle <<  

 Photography by Anna Simi – All Rights Reserved – 

Verses In Motion By Laura LME ©  – All Rights Reserved – 

Read some of the  >> REVIEWS << 


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