VIM Digital Features 2013: @DJMelanieS

VIM Digital Features 2013, VIM MUSIC TEAM 

>>> DJMelanieS  <<< MelanieSutherland

Melanie Sutherland started off her DJ career spinning reggae at small parties and quickly branched out landing her first gig to spin house music in Detroit. Melanie plays many different genres of house but her underlying sound is deep and soulful with African and Latin vibes. She hosts her brand of SOUL on her own Mixshow on every Thursday at 1pm (EST). Always willing to lend a helping hand Melanie became a resident DJ at Harlem helping to raise over $100,000 for Doctors Without Borders through the Music is the Answer series of charitable events. With her focus on the art of producing, Melanie’s first track Rastafari was released by Broken Records on the DJ Divas album in 2010. She was also blessed to have her Walk Through the Cafe remix featured on the Chilled and Unbroken Too Album.

Melanie is a #VersesInMotion resident DJ @ SoundWavesGETYOURZ Radio 

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