~ Breathing ~ PoeticBeatz

~ Breathing ~

Original Lyrics Version: Poem By LauraLME © Verses In Motion


Inhale moments,

joyful laughters

trapped in a bubble of air.

Exhale years,

painful needles

wrapped up in the scent of memories,

open cavities and spongy filters

swinging doubts

and fixed facts.

Inhale notes and seconds,

serene bliss

diving into sound waves.

Exhale days,

heart skipping beats

running on shiny asphalt,

dancing at the corner of grey streets

moving through crossroads and fast curves,

feeling the music

feeling the rhythm,

Déjà vu and premonitions,

whispers and shadows.


vibrations of hope and melodies


unison dreams of peace,

Breathing wind

And Soul rhythm.

New PoeticBeatz track:~ Breathing ~

Exclusive preview on SoundCloud

#VersesInMotion lyrics by LauraLME, Music by Tom Cloverfield

Ultrasonic Music Germany



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