VIM Digital Features 2013: @DJRickyMD

VIM Digital Features 2013, MUSIC EDITION, @DJRICKYMD 
purple_sunrise-1280x1024 djrickymd 2013

DjRickyMD is a DJ / Producer from Montreal, Canada

Well established in the world of music and nightlife for over 22 years, his style varies from dance to house music.

CEO of MontrealMixMafia and currently working on creating his own label in 2013.

DjRickyMD is currently playing in various clubs, nightclubs and events across Canada!

Follow him on Twitter to learn more about his new projects, mixes and events for 2013!

DJRickyMD is also a #VersesInMotion DJ on SoundWaves   @GetYourz_Radio 
DJRickyMD on Soundcloud 
Official web site coming soon!

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