Photos In Motion

≈ Images are an essential part of Verses In Motion poetry, music and artistic vibes ≈ Photography and Video Art are a way to tell stories, where reality meets surreal visions… Stopping  “that moment in time and space” … Enhancing details, urban textures and natural elements.

All images are taken with iPhone 4S and 5, totally inspired by what eyes see through heart and soul! Pictures with initials LFE are taken by our 8 year old Little Prince, Lucio!

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Brushes on London Sky Brushes of London Sky 

Door White Door

Green Arch Green Arch 

Little Fountain Little Fountain 

Red Dot Red Dot

Cloud's Heart (full version) Cloud’s heart 

Blue Standing out Standing Out, Blue Sky 

Light through darkeness Open Sky 

Creativity Sunrise 

Light through blinds (f) Light through Blinds LFE

Rays of light Rays of Light LFE 

Sea Buoys  Horizon

Choosing a tree to hug! Choosing a tree to hug!

Snow (final)  Snow, unexpected 

Winter Mantle Winter mantle

Mistletoe Mistletoe 

Red Drapes Red Drapes 

Sand Shapes Sand Shapes 


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