VIM Digital Features ~ Michele D’Acosta: @michelepeaceday



Michele D’Acosta is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her aim is to produce documentary films as a catalyst for positive social change. Michele is a past winner of the Columbine Award; an annual award given to a filmmaker whose work promotes peace and non-violent conflict resolution.

Michele studied Russian, German and International Relations for her first degree, and did her post-graduate work at UCLA in the screenwriting program.  She received her professional training in documentary directing, producing and broadcast journalism at the BBC Film & Television School in London.

Her past clients include the BBC, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Channel 4, Prosieben, the UK Film Council, EMI and HBO.

The most recent film Michele produced ‘MOONBUG’ tells the story of the Apollo astronauts who photographed and walked on the moon. The film won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 2011 International Houston Film Festival.

Michele   is also  Executive Producer of   The Peace Project. 

And in her own words: “My goal is to be a catalyst for positive energy, peace and social change.”



Watch her short films 

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