Verses In Motion

Verses In Motion, a lifestyle experience!    

VIM is not only about poetry and literary productions, it is also about awareness and support of charities and

organizations (@Zen Army ) dedicated to causes of social interest, worldwide.

Verses In Motion show on GetYourz Radio ( is about poetry, literary news, book talks & reviews, spoken word, music, spirituality and continuous discovery of new amazing artistic talents, through live interviews to guests from all over the world.

Our networking groups (on FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) include poets, writers, authors, visual artists, painters, photographers, musicians, DJs and a wonderful audience of readers, arts and music lovers.
VIM LOVES music, influences of sounds and vibes flowing with words, waves of melodies and jumping of cool beats!

We believe in The Art of Deejaying and support/encourage the sharing of DJ Sets, Mixes, Remixes and Music Productions.

With our New SoundWaves show on GetYourz Radio we feature every week, Music and DJ Mixes from all over the world:

“At VIM you can share and/or read & enjoy links of poetry, fiction, photography, art and music.
Join us and tell us what inspires you, what makes your soul chords vibrate, show us the waves that rock your heart…”

Our creative passion has recently become something poetically precious to wear every day… Poetic Jewelry By MerCurios for Verses In Motion, designed by Mary-Jo Peritore, edgy, cool, industrial jewels with a poetic twist!

@VersesInMotion founded by @LauraLME


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