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Poetry meets HouseMusic 

Tom Cloverfield   is a talented PRODUCER, COMPOSER, ENGINEER & DJ: House – Chillout – Electro

And he is one of my great #WorldsFABFriends !!! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO his iTunes PODCASTS  (free subscriptions)

My collaboration with Tom is absolute joy, continuous source of deep inspiration, exchange of positive vibes and fantastic energy, Tom is a Real Artist who truly knows the meaning of “sharing”…   My #VersesInMotion have definitely found a wonderful home in the captivating beats and sound of Tom’s #Ultrasonic Record Label.    And now, Our PoeticBeatz…


Buy music made by PoeticBeatz at the download store of your choice, OUT SOON Beatport, Junodownload and iTunes are recommended!

PoeticBeatz  is a studio project founded by Laura≈LME and Tom Cloverfield on the waves  of inspirational music and verses between Germany, Italy and the UK.

Laura≈LME is a published author, poet, host and producer of VersesInMotion Show on GetYourz World Radio NYC

Tom is an engineer, producer and composer of House Electro and Chill Out Music.

Laura’s poetry and vocals meet Tom’s beats and incredible sound in a smooth combination of words and notes, creating a completely new sound that goes deeper into ears and hearts…  #VersesInMotion meet #Ultrasonic Music, Words In Motion meet Notes, Poetry meets House Beats > PoeticBeatz < 


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