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by LauraLME

Copyright © 2009

I am changing

Slowly becoming someone new

Twisting, adapting my soul

To this pain

Ever painting on the canvas of life

Ever writing on the book of my being

I am changing

Seeing far, my eyes wide open

To the mystery  of another secret!





8 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR VERSES”

  1. come with me to yesterday
    and we will lay in the midst of a rushing world
    watching pillows of clouds
    as they relax across the midday sky

    we will watch the emerald grass
    wave slightly at bouncing bumblebees
    while we embrace under a willow tree
    on our blanket of sapphire blue

    listen as the wind sings
    a chorus of summer hush
    while the leaves of fall
    hold strong the rhythm of quiet peace

    come with me to yesterday
    where sorrow cannot claim us
    and love is true
    come with me
    to that place in my heart

  2. Just let me tell you, I am glad that you, you of all wonderful poets flying around the web, you, launched this part of my blog page.
    Your poem is divine, in every sense of the term, it took me to the time I can “listen as the wind sings” and to the place “where sorrow cannot claim us” in a sequence of deep feelings and emotions…
    Thank you for sharing it on my blog.

  3. broken silence

    blank stares settled like fog on faces left over
    from midnight.

    the smell of cheap wine, cigarettes and sweat jabbed
    like a broken fighter
    and nickels were passed around like street corner condoms
    rubbed hard and spent but once.

    men-boys walked in short semi-circles, weaving as would a tattered flag,
    while clutching the skinny necks of colored bottles
    and spitting brown tar-laced saliva as if it owned their misery.

    a new morning sun crawled over waiting buildings and shadows crept like thieves into empty hallways…
    but silence filled the air.

    then a single gunshot resonated like the first note
    of a well-planned symphony
    and everyone moved a step closer to becoming a conductor.

  4. The Colors

    A wire perch –
    dangling shoes.
    A black bird
    announces its arrival.
    Red houses, yellow houses, green houses
    all in a row.
    Smokestack chimneys –
    life out of the tops
    Brick, stone, dark
    “They just don’t match” – said.
    A cardinal joins –
    red feathers in tow.
    A blue bird –
    faded against the sky.
    Even a crow joins to talk –
    to watch –
    as the strange colors survive.

    Jim Wisneski

  5. Pomaceous

    did you ever feel pomaceous
    when standing naked and alone
    in front of a tinted mirror?

    it is…
    as though you could have anything in the world
    if only you would tend to the garden…

    sometimes when i awaken in the din of night
    and wonder who screamed
    i feel that i have left the garden unattended
    and allowed pomegranates to fall bruised to the ground

    did you ever wonder who would hang the fruit
    if summer rain washed it
    and left it to dry in the sunshine
    and the stem was pulled away?

    no wonder God left velcro
    to be found by man

    the noise of departure itself
    rapes the quiet of morning
    and fruit still falls to the dirt

    thud is a reverberation
    used by God to beckon birds and insects
    that breakfast is served

    for me
    i shall someday stand naked and alone
    in the garden
    looking for a fig leaf
    while wondering why we have bonsai trees
    in the midst of the forest

  6. Dark Magick

    In the still of the dark of the moon
    after the revelrie has passed on
    deep, deep into the frozen fields of dreamless sleep
    we, walking, silently, along the riverbed
    breathing in ancient ash of woodsmoke
    breathing out long-growing tears
    to weave ghostly tentacles
    along our path
    take each others’ hand up to our heart
    to pray, to kiss, to whisper
    thus casting an eternal spell.

  7. Presence

    As the stars illuminate your eyes
    The world fades away,
    What will you dream tonight
    What mask will the earth wear tomorrow

    Though we’ve never met…
    Before you were born
    I knew you
    The first time your heart was broken
    I knew you
    The night you sat alone, thoughts racing
    I knew you
    As a child, running through the grass
    I knew you

    As I gaze upward, Orion passes overhead
    And it occurs to me I am among the stars
    That you gave them to me
    An everlasting moment, frozen in time

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