Verses In Motion is a lifestyle experience! VIM is not only poetry and literary productions, it’s also social awareness and support to organisations and initiatives (Zen Army , The Peace Project), radio shows (GetYourz World), news, info, networking groups where all members interact, post their work, share their artistic styles, their writings… And it is clearly about unconditional love and passion  for music, influences of sounds and vibes flowing with words…  ≈ waves ≈ of melodies and jumping of cool beats!

Here at Verses In Motion Music is essential…  The Artists mentioned on this page are great source of inspiration, they create the soundtrack to my poetry… And they perform on Verses In Motion and SoundWaves shows, sharing their music, their talent…  This space is dedicated to them All! Thank you for rocking with VIM and GYR!!!  WELCOME TO VERSES IN MOTION!

“Notes and vibes that will caress your soul… Beats moving like waves and flowing like “Verses In Motion” 

(In NO particular order). This is our great VIM Music Team !!!



 DJ.TRACKMASTER began his career at the age of 17, in Paris.

His soulful House and Garage mixes are unique and take listeners and live audience through wonderful journeys in the old times of the classics as well as to completely new dimensions, with current productions and styles. DJ.TRACKMASTER  


DJ MelanieS


Melanie Sutherland  started off her DJ career spinning reggae at small parties and quickly branched out landing her first gig to spin house music in Detroit.
Melanie plays many different genres of house but her underlying sound is deep and soulful with African and Latin undertones. Always willing to lend a helping hand Melanie became a resident DJ at Harlem helping to raise over $100,000 for doctors without borders through the Music is the Answer series of charitable events.
With her focus on the art of producing, Melanie’s first track Rastafari was released by Broken Records on the DJ Divas album in 2010.She was also blessed to have her A Walk Through the Cafe remix featured on the Chilled and Unbroken Too Album.In 2012 Melanie released her debut EP   Twitter @DjMelanieS

Tom Cloverfield 

Tom Cloverfield is a Germany based producer for house, lounge, and chillout music.
He is engineer, songwriter, multi-Instrumentalist, label boss of ultrasonic music Germany and ChillAudio, and Resident DJ on Stromkraftradio.

Tom prefers to have richness and emotional texture in his tunes, thus creating hypnotic and sexy electronic music.
“I don’t create music to be recognized – I do it because it’s necessary for me.” – Tom Cloverfield   Twitter @TomCloverfield   

DJ Skinny 


DJ – Producer – TV Host

Holding down MUSIC lovers from around the world!

Dj Skinny has an internet show every Tuesday 3-6pm EST on Mix1620 AM (New Jersey) or & another great show every Friday @ 8pm EST on  with average listeners based across the globe from New York City to Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy! Skinny is a fab Dj, producer, radio & TV host, he’s part of  Dysfunkshunal Familee group with an album out – The Reunion LP -available now on iTunes.

DJ Skinny’s unique talent is all about playing every style fully connecting with his audience, giving every time TOP performances and unforgettable sets!

All about Skinny:  EPK – Facebook – Twitter – PodOmatic – Mixcloud – Dysfunkshunal Familee 


DjRickyMD Dj / Producer / Remixer from Montreal, Canada

DjRickyMD is first a devotee of music!

Since the age of 14, he has been mixing  at private parties. At the age of 16  his music career starts getting deeper into deejaying and producing.
DjRickyMD’s mixes:  the Club mix, House Super Party mix, Afterhour Mix and many more …
His style is filled with many vibes from the classic house tunes to the newest progressive house sounds.
– Dance, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away into another world! –
DjRickyMD and is very proud to be part of the team Verses In Motion and GetYourz Radio! 

Ivan Iacobucci 


DJ Producer Remixer Radio Personality 

Ivan Iacobucci professional career starts in the 90s, his trademark is all in his sets, deep and tech style. As remixer and producer he gets noticed immediately thanks to a few great productions: the remix of Juan Atkins “Is this real?”, “Detroit 909” under the alias KGB; the project Misterious “ElectroShock” and over 70 more productions which got him mentioned and listed with other top International DJs. His DJ residency is now at LoveGround, one of the trendiest parties in Bologna, Italian city where he actually lives, but he still keeps on traveling through Italy and abroad always carrying his beloved vinyls!! 2 years ago he founded Smoke Joke Records label.


All about Ivan:  MySpaceSoundcloudTwitter FacebookResident Advisor  

Mellow DramatiC


MC Rapper Lyricist Radio Host 

Mellow DramatiC’s  intelligent lyricism and driving, repetitive delivery captures and doesn’t let go. His unique flow places him within the top echelons of rap along side some of our notable lyricists.  Mellow Dramatic who’s real name is Kevin Rivers was born in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in South Carolina. Mellow is an Artist that is dedicated to his craft and chooses to stay true to his sound and not follow the mainstream opinion of what is IN today.

First album: “Closed Caption-State of Mind” – Mix Cd: “Live Reality Rap” –

New Album out now:  “CalligRAPhy Art”  

– Co-Host of “Mecca Muzik” on GetYourz Radio

All about Mellow: ReverbNation  – Twitter – Facebook  – Mellow on GetYourz World Radio 



Grown up with the sound of the ’80s, he discovered early a penchant for electronic music, where artists and bands like Jan Hammer or Kraftwerk were among the companions. With his passion for house, electronic sounds and mixing he had gigs at various clubs in Germany – for example, the „Sonne Mond und Sterne“ Festival (DJ Contest), the Juicy Beats Festival, and a residency at the club “Electroosho” or the famous „Warehouse“ in Colgone. In the late 90 ́s he worked as the organizer and moderator for radio show “Kingz of Beat” out of the legendary Stammheim Club building. After a break in Zurich to 2010 he continues his work now under the name „Herr Oppermann“ as a DJ and Producer, and also as the host of the radio show „CUBED!“ on WE-LOVE-HOUSE.FM. His style is “very varied, but always House” and varies between deep and minimal up to soulful house. He combines classic parts of house music with the influence of actual minimal house elements. More then 20 Years of experience, his passion for electronic music and his motto „house is a feeling“ led his sets to be a special event – always changing and never the same.

More Info :

Born in Aston, Birmingham in ’72, Stuart first started Djing in the late 80’s early 90’s firstly playing at Indie clubs in Birmingham, then after going the Humingbird club on a Friday (Snapper club) which was Birmingham’s first full dance /acid house night, he started gettinig into the dance scene.
Stuart worked at Tweekin Records from early 97 untill 2003 managing and Djing for the store at weekends playing at Green Gorilla, Sunset parties, Bulletproof boat parties and all-nighters also playing at all the major nights in the city also in L.A and all over California playing with the likes of DIY, Layo and Bushwacka,Charles Webster,Terry Francis, local heroes Wicked crew , DJ Buck, Mark Farina, Inland Knights and Harvey to name but a few and also playing Sunday nights at the Top bar lower height.
Stuart has started a new night in Brixton at Living on Coldharbour Lane, with London regular Richard Smith aka (smiggy) the night is on the first saturday of every month and is called NEWGROOVE, for details check facebook page, now stuart is working with his FRiend Pat Foley to bring you NICEDJSLONDON there first night is a joint venture with Stuart Patterson and East village, and on the opening night they have the legendary Mark Farina from the USA.

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    1. “Notes and vibes that will caress your soul… Beats moving like waves and flowing like “Verses In Motion”
      (In NO particular order). This is our great VIM / GYR Music Team !!!

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