VIM Friends

Anna Simi 

Her fabulous talent shows immediately in the atmosphere and nuances of her pictures,  taken during various trips around the world…

Her Fantastic “Moon” picture (here below)  has become the photo of our Album Cover   A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y


Here below the links to my posts with her stunning photos:


Join the Zen Army “No agendas, just doing!”

GetYourz Radio  


Radio & Club-Venue DJ – MC Producer Singer

Mocha is an amazing Musician, her DJ sets are a true journey of the soul through melodic emotions and syncopated beats jumping at you from an incredible mix of notes, vibes and sophisticated atmospheres… SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL TALENTED COSMIC GIRL!!! Watch out for the next VIM Show, we will broadcast a VERY SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE VIM COSMIC MIX by Mocha !!!

All about Mocha:  Facebook  –  W.M. Professional DJ Crew  –  YouTube

Cass Ferre


Musician Composer Singer Producer 

Music has always been part of her life as she comes from a family of musicians and was strongly influenced by her father who is a guitarist.
She grew up listening mostly to Blues, Jazz and Classical Music but has a very open mind for all musical genres, Cass is a versatile artist.
At present she’s working on a musical audiobook project giving life and breath to my verses in motion with her sublime talent and her amazing Music!!! Cass is an original, cool, edgy and fresh performer, she is my Artistic SoulSister!

All about Cass:  SoundCloud  – Twitter  – Facebook – MySpace – YouTube

La pagina di Laura su WordShelter  

Karen S. Elliott Editing and Proofreading Services


Foster Homes and “addiction to recovery”


Feature on One Stop Poetry

Article on LSDmagazine 

Feature week on SoftWhispers 

 Picture by Roxie Hanna All rights Reserved 

Feature on Roxie’s Blog 


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