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Poetry by LauraLME  – Music & Vocals by Cass Ferre 

Track from the EP >

A B S O L U T E  °  G R A V I T Y 






“A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y ” 

“A musical  journey that will take you from the conscious parts of your being, passing through the parallel lines of your soul,  leading you to the unconscious maze of dreams and to the waves “beyond” where “the invisible becomes essential”

≈ VersesInMusic ≈ 


By LauraLME ©

Past love-stories, spent

Hidden scent

Sign of different times

Moments that won’t come back


Like insidious vortex

in the calm waters of a lake


Metamorphosis of the soul

Treacherous filter

Inevitable awareness

Inkling of Eternity

Looking not seeing

Existing to survive

The immutable Destiny

Uncontrollable Will


Memories of events

Like wounds that will never heal

Nostalgic Emotions

Abysses in the depth of our mind

Darkness and Light

Cosmic fusion


Life is presage

Insanity is mute pain

Photo by Anna Simi © All Rights Reserved 

Excerpt from the poem:

There is a place

By LauraLME  All Rights Reserved 

There is a place where we meet,

walking slowly towards each other,

A place where…
We have already been,
In a different time and space With the same beats,
like blades,
cutting the soul in ribbons.

We talk without words,
We see without looking,

We feel touches of snow and rain drops on our faces.

In that silent castle,

through clouds of words and brushes of light,
our hearts make a sound…

Photo by VersesInMotion © ALL Rights Reserved 


Poem By Laura≈LME © ≈Verses In Motion ≈ 


Inhale moments,

joyful laughters

trapped in bubbles of air.

Exhale years,

painful needles

wrapped up in the scent of memories,

open cavities and spongy filters

letting go, coming through

swinging doubts and illusions.

Inhale seconds,

serene bliss

diving into sea waves.

Exhale days,

heart skipping beats

running on shiny asphalt,

at the corner of grey streets

crossroads and fast curves,

passing by, going far

déjà vu and premonitions,

whispers and shadows.

Inhale prophecies,

vibrations of hope

Exhale dreams…

Breathing wind

Missing you.

Photo by Anna Simi All Rights Reserved. 


(Verses In Motion by LauraLME – All Rights Reserved) 

 Fighting pain

winning space

in that eternal moment:


When all stands still

endlessly fixed

on the walls of time.

 Punching air

losing hope

in circles of revelations

when all around is turning,

spinning fast

in everlasting spirals.

 Holding the course of destiny

stretching events like elastic bands

changing shape,

moulding life.

Distracted Sunrise,

running on bouncing pavements.

Contracted afternoons

going on unpredictable journeys.

Still evenings,

shiny frames

falling into dark tunnels.



limits of soul places

heart prophecies

broken promises

fake dreams.

And here they come again,

moon beams,

tender rays of light,

pushing darkness

feeding life!



Drifting into sleep

finding soul cords

and vibrations,

looking inside the maze of my heart

where beats connect to breathing

following the path of never

Resting my mind

from this anxious time


through the highs of skies

and the lows of dusty lands

Jumping on clouds

pouring rain drops

and heavy thoughts

on muddy puddles

of memories

Fragile dreams


on shining trails of stardust

places, faces

slow motion

sequence of impossible events

Timeless parade

of pacing words and frames

walking through nights of fire

and stormy days of wonder

in a soft bubble of hopes and fears,

“where the invisible becomes essential.”


Photo by Anna Simi  © All Rights Reserved 


≈ Verses In Motion ≈ By Laura≈LME  © 

Layers of tainted skin

like gathered fabric

pleated by time into ruffles of sin

Where guilt slowly infiltrates

subtle, sharp needles

sewing yarn of sorrow and regrets.

Fragile conscience,

blind to the spiritual nature

of forgiveness,

The Holy gift of departing memories from pain.

Looking for the light of divine power

holding on to the belief that beyond life,

on the other side of these walls of time,

over the bridge of death,

under these dark tunnels of despair,

through the maze of convictions,

eternal flames of Faith, burn vivid and strong,

showing us the road to Salvation.

In an ethereal journey back to Life

we walk the streets of redemption,

running through green fields of Peace,

swimming in calm seas of wonder,

passing by skies of Celestial Love

Where we talk without words,

we  see the invisible,

we breath Eternity,

In the screaming light of Resurrection.


Photo By Anna Simi © All Rights Reserved 


#VersesInMotion © By LauraLME  on Kindle   and  iTunes 

Every tear falls with a different rhythm

Beats and vibes of its own,

Melodies follow,

Playing in my head

Dancing with my soul.

Every tear has its own reason

Mysterious lanes and empty roads

It draws wet lines

It makes me half blind

Drying up in its own time.

Every tear has a destination

Through valleys and mountains

In a journey of wonders

Caressing the face,

Finding its way to the heart.

Every tear has a name

Nostalgic Memories,

Joy, Sorrow,

Unconditional love.

Unbearable pain to follow!

All tears we find in Prayers,

Unchaining words,

Creating inner spaces…

Locking up eyes and soul

Wetting our lives with pure drops of sky.

#VersesInMotion © By LauraLME 

Lucio e Matteo running small

Verses In Motion By LauraLME ©

Don’t stop!

Keep your brain ticking,

your heart beating,

your breath singing.

Keep on dreaming

let your memories be your fuel,

may your pain become your strength.

Expand yourself,


reach for the “further you”.

Freeze your fears,

follow your ideas,

enlarge your space


no limits.

Explore Peace,

looking up to see the sky,

keep its blue in your dreams

the pure white of clouds in your mind.

Keep on moving,

never turn back.

The mirror of your soul

will reflect your past

and the light of your heart

will become your future.

Happy, Inspiring New Year !

HermitPhoto By Anna Simi © All Rights Reserved 

PoeticBeatz present: ~ End-Less ~ 

Poem by LauraLME  © All Rights Reserved 

Music by Tom Cloverfield © All Rights Reserved 

Excerpt from: End-Less  (poem also included in Verses In Motion EBook)

By Laura LME  ©

Curtains drop shut on this stage,
without the anticipation of a closing scene,
no hints, no premonitions…

A simple termination of all biological functions,
no words, no gestures

Definitive extinction of breaths and hopes,
destruction of plans
left to blow in the wind of never.

Looking from the other side of consciousness
through holes in the wall of time
everything seems so small,
light, transparent.

Tears are dry,
hands are cold,
Unknown voices all around
whispering secrets
no wish, no desire,
no Saviour, no sin…

Immense space of nothing
only flashbacks of padded images and colors
without memory
wandering through dreams and reality.

It all seems so far away,
existence and essence,
ideas and abstractions.


Trying to reach those fields of colors,
getting caught by a lightning,
finding you,
entering the walls of your heart
where death dies again
it dissolves in the endless spirals of your embrace.

Cover Photograph “Lightness” by Anna Simi © 2011 All Rights Reserved.

Cover graphics by Laura Lme VIM Media © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

     – Verses In Motion is a book with a contemporary poetic style, melting musical vibes, breathtaking images and inspirational universal messages.

The poems in this book are the reflected image of the author’s soul, the representation of her inner parallel life. Poetry, becomes here, more than writing or reading, it is the essence of our “being human”, a condition, not only a form of artistic expression, but a way to share heart and soul, a flow of inspirational waves, words, sounds, emotions, memories, it’s instinctive and universal, it’s about colors and nuances of life events.

Dedicated to all Peaceful Warriors, these verses in motion, will take you to a wonderful soul journey… “Where the invisible becomes essential.” –

Verses In Motion EBook Out Now On  >> Kindle <<  

 Photography by Anna Simi – All Rights Reserved – 

Verses In Motion By Laura LME ©  – All Rights Reserved – 

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