VIM Radio

  • #VersesInMotion Show ≈ created, written and produced by Laura LME
  • Hosted by Laura LME and Cecilia Francisquini
  • Directed by Cecilia Francisquini And Eric EDubb
  • On GetYourz World  Radio



Radio Shows, features, interviews with Artists from all over the world  poets, authors, musicians, DJs, visual Artists photographers, Spiritual Teachers And much more! Check out our “Salutes” of the week, the featured Dj Mixes, videos, & Mix CDs  > ITZ OUR WORLD LET’S GET IT!!! < 

Eric Dubb and Cecilia Francisquini Founders of GetYourz World 

Cecilia is also my wonderful co-host @ Verses In Motion Show on GetYourz Radio.

And Eric also hosts and directs SoundWaves.

They also host, produce and direct other shows on GetYourz radio to find out more click here !!!

VIM Show Saturday 16th June 2012 with Guests: 


Gale Minchew, Author of  “Shadows of Destiny Saga” 


Mary-Jo Peritore of MerCurios (Also Fab Designer of  VersesInMotion poetic Jewelry Line) 



Lisa Schultz Founder of The  and of  The Peace Project 

Verses In Motion Saturday 28th April 5PM EST with guests: 
  Poet Frank Mundo Author of  “The Brubury Tales”    
Visit Frank’s books FB page > clicking here <   Follow @Frankemundo 
 Writer-Poet Charlie Nitric Author of  “LOL”   
 Visit Charlie’s Website > clicking here <  #Follow @CharlieNitric 
And for the very first time, exclusively on VIM, we’ll play the full version of  
A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y   Album  #Poetry in #Music
by @LauraLME @Cass Ferre @TomCloverfield 

Verses In Motion Show Saturday 10th March 5PM EST with Guests:
 Stephen Jerome Ferguson ( @SJFMusic 1) CEO Founder of:
Book talk with: 
Presenting his recent publication “Snake with a Flower” 
Spoken Word Section: Reading 2 poems from a selection at  VIM Digital Features  
Music: VIM MIX Sound≈waves≈  By Dj Chicken George   
Verses In Motion Show Saturday, 4th Feb 2012 with guests:
Spoken Word section and book talk with: 
J.J.Brown #Author 

Introducing Orangeberry Group Publications
Where Authors Blossom 
Brian Bianco #Author and Founder of  “The Orangeberry Group”
≈ Verses In Motion ≈ Music Section
#PoeticBeatz tracks and SPECIAL VIM MIX BY
I.DJ, The InvisibleDJ  
Sending us his #SoundWaves from Melbourne, Australia.

VIM Show 14th Jan 2012 

 Semaphore, Samuel Peralta, Award Winning Poet- Author 
DJ Wayne Ski ( @DjWayneSki ) DJ, Producer, DJ/On-Air Personality
Special Thanks to Wayne Ski for his amazing and exclusive Mix for VIM that will close our show!


17Th DEC > Click here to listen to this episode 

ALSO Featuring MOCHA’s FAB DJ MIX !!!

     A very special Thank You to COSMIC GIRL DJ Mocha  Closing the show with her EXCLUSIVE mix for VIM!!!  Click here  for her Reverbnation Page !

VIM Show 5th Nov ’11 with Guests:

#Spirituality #Awareness 

  Catalyst Yogi @Catalyst_yogi, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, who will tell us more about the Aquarian Age dawning 11.11.11   Click Here to visit his website 


  DJ Producer Tom Cloverfield @TOMCLOVERFIELD Click Here to visit his website 

And for our #Poetry and #Spoken Word Section: Author Poet Robbi Nester !!!

Click Here to visit her blog 

Previous Shows:

CLICK HERE to listen to our  15th October VIM SHOW   With Guests:

  DJ Skinny @Dj_Skinny   click here to                                                                                    listen to his music!  


   Andy Scott @JustMaritimeBoy   click here to read Andy’s poetry 

 Leslie Moon @moondustwriter   click here to read Leslie’s poetry 

Previous VIM SHOW click here to listen to the archive  of VIM Thursday 29th Sept 6PM EST on Getyourz #Radio

Listen online here > GYW Radio <   With Guests

  Dj Chicken George  @DjChickenGeorge                                                                     click here to check out his website 


 Leeia Henderson @Zillion1 > click here to listen to Leeia’s jazzpoem 

   Andy Scott @JustMaritimeBoy > click here to read Andy’s poetry 

     A very special Thank You to COSMIC GIRL DJ Mocha calling in to say hi… Click here  for her Reverbnation Page !


From the 29th of Sept. Verses In Motion Show on GetYourz Radio
will give poets  the chance to call in and read a poem live, on the air!!!
3 poets 10 minutes each to read their verses and promote their website or blog… Please max 25 lines poem
3 poets from  7PM to 7:30PM EST Sept. 29th, please send your poem, link and phone number to:
Also if you’re feeling a little shy… You can send us your poem and link instead and we’ll read it for you : )

Previous Shows 

Saturday 10th SEPT 5PM EST on Getyourz #Radio Listen online here > GYW Radio <With Guests

   Hip Hop #Artist Bad Seed (@Niggaliscage_ )      

click here to check out his website

#Author J.J.Brown(@jjunebrown )  

  click here to check out her website

& our loving Tribute to ♥Amy♥   with DJ TyHandswell mix

Hosted by Laura LME & Cecilia Francisquini


with guests:

Poet-Author Frank DeFulgentis & Actress-Poet-Activist Lillian Rodriguez

≈ Verses In Motion ≈ concept was born a few years ago, just as I was writing one of my poems, it was 1987!  It was the time when I realized that my passion about writing verses, was going to be part of who I am for life! But poetry was not my only passion: music, arts, International cultural events and photography were essential parts of my wonderful moments of inspiration and creative passion.

I started dreaming of a unique virtual space where Artists from different fields could meet, share their work and support each other… A few years later Verses In Motion: a dream come true!

VIM is a very special place where Poets, Writers, Authors, Artists of all genres, DJs & Producers, Musicians, Humanitarians can share their waves of inspiration and their vibes of creative passion!

In November 2010 something magical happened! This invisible wire of communication, so called internet,  took me and VIM on an incredible journey, with GetYourz World Radio, Eric and co-founder Cecilia had started broadcasting incredible shows and invited me to host my own. They both shared the same passion as me about the Arts and it was a natural progression to ask Cecilia to co-host VIM with me every month!

Check out GetYourz World New website: > < 

Click here to “like” and Join GYW New FB page

Verses In Motion is a cultural show on demand on BlogTalk Radio where we invite all artists, writers, authors, poets, visual artists, musicians.
We explore the world of the arts, social awareness and spirituality, with constant reference to creative passion and inspiration.
Since november 2010, once a month Cecilia (my co-host) and I had as guests on the show:

Ivan Iacobucci International Musician Dj Producer

Indigo Cantor, Founder of Zen Army check out volunteering association of which I am the Italian Leader

Flavia Weisghizzi, Author, Poet, Literary critic and host of many Italian national radio & TV shows about poetry and literature

Nyla Alisia, Author Poet and host of the Speak Easy Open Mic radio show on Blogtalk radio

Ariaa Jaeger, Spiritual coach and Author of “Ariaanisms” Spiritual Inspirational quotes

Kristina Laurendi Havens, Amazing visual Artist

Cass Ferre, New Age Musician, composer, singer

Jack Varnell, Author, writer, poet

Catalyst Yogi, Kundalini Yoga teacher, author

Joie Schmidt, Poet, author

AND the next show will have as guests

Frank Defulgentis Poet, Author and owner of one of one of the most well known “poets pages” on Facebook with over 5000 members called “POETS”


Lillian Rodriguez, Actress, Spoken Word Artist, Poet, Writer and Activist 

VIM Featured Guests:

Hip Hop Artist Mellow Dramatic >

Luis Do Amaral Super Talented Visual Artist-Musician-Artist Management     >

Jack Varnell aka The Emotional Orphan, Author Poet  >

Catalyst Yogi: bringing the cave to you, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Author  >

Indigo Cantor, Founder, Commander in Chief Of Zen Army !!!

Italian & International Icon House Music DJ / Producer  Ivan Iacobucci


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  1. Hey Laura!

    All this time I had no clue what this link was all about…this is great! I will have to gather the courage to send something to be read…sometime.

    You are an inspiration, Laura…thanks so very much…


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